General HSE Course Introduction to Safety, Health and Environmental Principles Provides general review of a HSE Officer's responsibilities in each of these areas and the need to be knowledgeable in the basic requirement of HSE principles to help make work area safe. days Hazard Recognition/Accident Prevention Basic understanding of what causes accidents and the steps that can be taken to identify hazards. Also reviews methods for correcting hazardous situations to prevent them from resulting in accidents and possible injury. days An intensive classroom theoretical training specifically designed for those who are interested in becoming HSE Professional. Accident Investigation Methods and procedures for investigating an accident and preparing an injury/illness report. days Human Relations/Communications Provides methods which enable HSE officer to more effectively communicate with their employees. Reviews the need for HSE officers to keep their people informed and listen to their ideas and opinions as a sound basis for an effective departmental safety program. days Training This module reviews methods for giving HSE officers needed techniques and skills to conduct effective employee training. days Job Safety and Health Analysis Procedures for reviewing a job and preparing a Job Safety and Health Analysis of the way the job should be done. It is built around involving the people who do the job so the information will be used. days Key Safety Procedures Reviews in a general way, some of the specific key safety procedures and practices that apply throughout most industrial operations. HSE personnel should have an understanding of basic safety concerns in each area. In depth content is provided in the specialized subject Modules. days © Safetek Consults Limited. All Rights Reserved. +234 8025436653